Spaghetti is a good thing to eat but bad to find in a code. And removing it requires the knowledge where to cut. That is the place where Depchecker may become useful.



Synchronize folders automagically - on local machine or over network. Pick your configuration: mirror, two-sided, new-only.


An open source java UPnP protocol implementation. Build and control network devices - standardized or custom.


Maven Tile Set

Complex Maven project may require a lot of XML code. Using Maven Tiles makes the task easier - and it is even better with the set of ready to use bricks.


JSwing provides a set of classes which makes live with the Swing toolkit easier. Available features include: standardized dialogs, about data, extended actions.


There are a lot of Java classes. But still you may be missing one or two features - and you should check if these are not present in this library.



OCTabu is an example how Tabu Search algorithm could be used to solve the bicriteria problem of shorted paths in graphs.


Do you remember Pascal? OCTp2c is a prototype of utility for converting the Pascal code C/C++ language.


This is another try to build the the UPnP stack - this time using the C++ and Qt library.